Email Marketing

That’s right. Even with Facebook, texting and Twitter, email is still the #1 way people like to share information. At least for the time being email has not gone the way of the phone book.

Zig !t Marketing can help you create email that people want to get (We know you love getting our email, right? If you don’t get it, take a moment and sign up in the sidebar).  When done right, your email should not just be opened and read, but call the reader to action – whether that be signing up for a product demo or simply sharing it on Facebook.

We offer email content writing and management.  Let us help make your email work for you by

  • Focusing and recommending on list-building strategies but on- and offline.
  • Maintain and clean your email list so you’re not blacklisted
  • Optimizing your email so it’s mobile-responsive
  • Including calls-to-action to drive traffic

Take sending email to remain front-of-mind with your audience off of your to-do list. Let Zig !t Marketing be your digital marketing partner in email marketing.