Happy New Year!

I’ve heard people on both sides of the aisle when it comes to New Year’s resolutions.  They’re pointless!  You make them and fail and then feel bad about it!  When you make written resolutions you, you have a higher chance of completing them than if you didn’t.  Personal resolutions are one thing, but have you created any resolutions for your business?  Let me give you a few ideas for some resolutions in business and marketing.



  • Give your business a purpose.  I just got an eNewsletter from the folks at Rich Dad Community where they promoted a book called “The Social Capitalist” that discussed businesses developing  “a higher purpose, the why we do what we do”.  I’m convinced that is crucial to a business…and where my heart truly gets excited.  My goal is to align my business and to help other businesses to get this higher purpose.  More to come in 2013!
  • Transparency is not just for your customers, but for your employees.  Times are rough in the economy and businesses are faced with tough choices in how they operate.  If you haven’t taken the time to develop a relationship with your employees, you can be seen as “the enemy”.  Purpose now to genuinely care about and for your employees.  It will help them feel justified in fighting for and being loyal to you even in the midst of hard circumstances.


  • Adopt and integrate digital marketing into your current marketing efforts – or at least those that are working for you.  If that phone book ad is not doing anything for you, it’s time to realign those marketing dollars.  And there is no better place to align that money to than the digital fields I mentioned in my last article about digital marketing.  Those phone book companies are not adding online marketing to their list of services for no reason.  It’s so you won’t notice that the print ad they still make you buy (as part of the online package) is not working.
  • Get help!  Marketing is THAT important.  If you cant do it on your own or don’t know how, winging it is not an option.  Start now to educate yourself – in what digital platforms you are on or in the costs/benefits associated with having someone help you.  Eliminating or putting your marketing “on hold” will only suffice to pull the plug on your business.

Implementing these simple resolutions in 2013 will help better position it not only for increased business, but for a happier and more purposeful (and therefor, satisfying) work.

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