This month’s mobile marketing spotlight will be on the health/fitness industry, such as natural/organic food stores, nutrition clubs, gyms and weight loss groups.  If you’ve been following this monthly series, I’m sure you’re already brimming with ideas on how this industry can use simple text/SMS messaging to grow a dedicated and more connected customer base.

So you own or run one of these ventures.  The first order of business will be to get members to opt-in to your text alerts.  The opt-in is key!  Never assume someone wants to be on your text system just because they are a member of your club, etc.  You can offer them several incentives to being on the list:

  • Tips on simple things they can do to be healthier, lose weight, etc.
  • Discounts on new products.
  • Raffle for free gym memberships or products.
  • Special event or class notifications.
  • Time or location changes for special events or classes.
  • Links to healthy recipes.
  • Weigh-in reminders.
  • Encouragement for weight loss or fitness goals.
  • Inclement weather notices.
  • Recall notices on products.

Just the short list I have above is enough to keep everyone engaged and motivated.  While these are geared to the current customer, they do their part to attract the connected and mobile potential customer.  Add to that the ability to join your club or gym at a discounted rate, win products or even the opportunity to win a membership via a mobile raffle and you have the added benefit of creating a list of leads to follow-up with after the fact.

Just think how much time alone can be saved by sending your 25-member weight loss group one text message with the class time change instead of calling each one, leaving messages and hoping they check it in time.  With mobile marketing the opportunities are endless to connect with your customers and potential customers in the health/fitness industry.