I can’t believe I haven’t done a Mobile Marketing Spotlight segment on this important industry yet!  The tech savvy people in the real estate industry already understand that mobile is the latest frontier when it comes to buying or selling property.  Look no further than the mobile apps or sites for online real estate powerhouses like Trulia, Zillow and Realtor.com or the spotty usage of QR codes alongside of or in place of flyers.  However, something as simple and cost effective as SMS/text marketing offers real estate agents an excellent way to be mobile friendly and generate leads.

We’ve already discussed the benefits of using text versus QR codes and those would also apply instead of directing people to an app to download.  Check out these few scenarios on how simple SMS/text marketing can give real estate agents an edge.

  • Instead of (or alongside of) flyers have a rider that says “Text 123house to 90210 for property info”.  When sent, the individual will get a text with basic property info, a traceable URL to a mobile landing page or site with detailed info and Realtor contact information.
  • Realtors could have a mobile business card (i.e. Text BobRealtor to 90210) that returns their contact information and a link to their listings.
  • Create a mobile alerts database for people interested in location-specific or specialty properties (i.e. horse farms, lots, farm land, investment property, rentals, etc) for sale or rent.
  • Use it to send interested people virtual tours of luxury homes or community information.

Besides being an excellent marketing tool to close potential sellers, the other key to the suggestions listed above is that they all generate a database of potential buyers.  With the iZigg platform, you can be notified right away of someone’s interest.  You could easily follow up with a call offering a private tour.

The real estate community is one of the most tech savvy industries out there because they are continually looking for ways to market to consumers efficiently and effectively.  Mobile marketing, and specifically SMS/text marketing offers them a way to do just that.