This month’s mobile marketing spotlight will highlight the restaurant/dining industry.  SMS/text marketing is particularly useful for this group – especially since there is so much competition in this arena.  Long lines?  Bad food or customer service?  There’s a place across the street where people can eat instead.  But assuming you serve great food and your waitstaff is happy, how can you generate more exposure and traffic for your eatery?  Here are just a few ways that I came up with to help keep your dining area stay full.

Fast Food

  • A VIP club for coupons, give-a-ways and new menu options would be a great start.
  • Do surveys to find out what menu items people like the most or would like to come back on the menu.
  • Use it to push info for employment so potential employees can fill out applications or come to open interviews.
  • Send employee schedule or training reminders.


  • Do a contest for loyal customers to win one free meal a month for a year.
  • If you have live music, let subscribed customers know what bands are playing and when.
  • Announce special events like wine tastings, auctions and benefits for non-profit groups you host.


  • Build excitement for special events.
  • Do a raffle during events for cool stuff like TVs or tablets.
  • Hold your own American Idol like contest where people can text in to vote.
  • Offer drink specials for those that opt in.

There are a myriad of different ways one could run the promotions.  The key will be to either have an incentive or a promo that motivates people to subscribe.  Then let the fun begin!  As long as you keep it creative and don’t abuse your subscribers with spam or selling their information, you will see increased traffic and engagement at your place of dining, and build a loyal following that is guaranteed to spread your cool marketing to their friends and family.