You personally may hate texting or can barely type a word correctly on the tiny qwerty keyboard, but there are real business benefits to text marketing.  Whether you’re text hater, lover or somewhere on the fence, here are a few benefits for you to ponder.

Quick communication.  Ever try to make a quick call to someone who likes to ramble?  Doesn’t happen.  Texting allows you to shoot off a quick message without getting embedded into a 40 min conversation.  Don’t mistake me though.  Building relationship are important in the digital era, but so is valuing someone’s time and attention.

Non-intrusive.  Sure it pops on their cell maybe in the midst of an outgoing text, or phone call or even while a picture or video is being taken.  But it never stops any of those activities.  The receiver is unobtrusively notified, and they are able to check it at their convenience.

Instantaneous/No barriers.  No filters.  No spam catchers.  Just boom!  Right to their phone. Wherever they are.  Anywhere on the planet.

Open rates.  The open rate for text messages is astounding!  I haven’t seen anything less than 97%.  You can’t get that anywhere else.  You are able to reach people where they are, when they are there because you are speaking to them through the device they have with with them 24/7.

Growth trends.  Remember how revolutionary a laptop was because you could take your computer anywhere?  The world is quickly becoming more and more mobile.  From laptops to mobile phones and tablets, the trend only shows skyrocketing growth.  So we can expect more people to want mobile devices, instant communication and news, and the ability to control “static” objects from those mobile devices.

Whether you “get it” or not, or get irritated when you see another teenager pecking away at their cell phone, the fact is that mobile is here to stay.  And not just stay, but to grow and evolve.  Your business would do well to position itself to be mobile-friendly and to start thinking about adding mobile communication to its marketing mix.

Know some other benefits to text marketing?  List them in the comments below.