This week I’m going to pause briefly from mobile marketing to talk about LinkedIn.  I just came back from a woman entrepreneur’s conference and was disappointed that some of the people I met, I was unable to connect with online because they were not on LinkedIn.

I’ve only had one lousy interview in my life.  It was the one time I forgot my resume.  It had been a last minute sign-up to a on-campus interview session, and the university had not supplied the recruiter with my resume like they had done for everyone else.  As a last thought I ran to a computer lab to print some out.  But as luck would have it, the computer lab was jamming and some graduate student was printing half of the encyclopedia.  My little resume was lost in the mass of paper and I had to run back to the interview empty-handed.  I think I cried afterwords.

I said all that to say that if you’re a business person and you’re not on LinkedIn, its like forgetting your resume when going to the interview, or your business cards at a networking event.  No matter what industry you’re in or what position you have, you need to be on LinkedIn.

I like to tell people that LinkedIn is like an online resume.  But it is even more than that.  You can showcase your expertise through PowerPoint presentations and blog feeds, give and receive recommendations, network with others in your industry and make connections with decision-makers.

Now some may look at this post and declare it a “light” read – after all, everyone knows about LinkedIn.  That might be true, but it’s amazing how many business people still do not know about it, are avoiding it or have a profile that does more to harm their image than help it.

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