It’s that time again.  Time for our Down to Business segment where we can loosen our ties and kick off our heels and talk about life as a business owner.

America is a mess.  Have you noticed lately?  While there are plenty of reasons why that is I specifically want to focus on attitude.  The characteristics that made this county great are severely lacking.  It’s like no one dreams any more or they don’t think they can accomplish their dreams without some sort of assistance – government or otherwise.

The tenacity to see a thing – or even a person – through, in the ups and downs, ins and outs of life, is just not there.  Instead of accepting that life is hard and that any dream worth fighting

for is going to require some blood, sweat and tears, we’d rather complain, blame someone else, demand that someone else fix it or quit altogether.  We quit jobs, relationships, eating right or working out.  We’ve become a land of quitters.

It’s really easy to look at others who we deem as successful and want what they have.  But are we willing to pay the price?  There’s no straight line to the top of success.  It’s a process – a long, hard and many times disappointing journey that only those with balls of steel dare to tread.  What amazes me is that people can look on those who fought that battle, assume it was just given to them on a silver platter and demand that they ought to get a share.  No one was around when they worked 60 hours a week, fought stress, sleeplessness and lack of funds or help.  But finally break through to the end zone and suddenly they’re a greedy capitalist.

It saddens me that more people aren’t inspired to dream, work hard for those dreams and to never, ever quit on those dreams.  It’s time for the spirit of the entrepreneur to come back to America.  Time for ingenuity, tenacity and the fight to succeed as an individual to return.  As business owners and entrepreneurs we can help encourage not only the next generation of business leaders, but the current ones that have given up on their dreams and are stuck in mediocrity.  Paint a realistic picture of the work involved to be successful, but don’t forget the reason why it is worth it.  Because it is worth it.

Have you noticed the lack of “fire” in the bellies of Americans lately?  What are some ways you can help encourage people to hold onto their dreams and fight for their dreams despite the odds?