Mobile text marketing is not just a futuristic way to market; it is here now and relatively easy and affordable to implement.  Early adapters of the technology and strategy will be way ahead of their competitors in terms of market share and innovation.  Need some good reasons to try SMS marketing?  I’ve compiled a short list here.

  1. Reach people anywhere at anytime with time-sensitive communications that they actually want!
  2. Nearly half of 18-34 year olds are interested in receiving alerts on their cell phones from places they frequent.
  3. 86% of Americans own a cell phone
  4. No apps, printers, bar codes or scissors needed to use mobile coupons.  : )
  5. Never accidentally forget your coupon at home (Doh!).
  6. No threat of bounced emails or spam blockers.
  7. For most people, leaving the house or office without their cell phone is like going outside naked.  Don’t leave home without it.
  8. People have learned how to tune out most banner ads on websites
  9. The overflowing email inbox can cause MD – Mass Deletoritis.  This usually affects people who are stressed, overwhelmed, in an organizing funk or are tired of seeing your emails 2x a week.
  10. It is not limited by type of phone or whether or not you have a certain app.

I can list a lot more, but I’ll stop here.  What are some other reasons why SMS marketing is a viable marketing tactic to use?