Today we’re going to focus on an industry with tons of mobile marketing potential – the auto industry.  While a lot of people want to hype on apps and QR codes, and they have their place, I’m going to focus on text/SMS marketing because it allows us to reach the most people.

When it comes to auto sales, mobile marketing offers a way for auto dealerships to connect with and reach people they would otherwise not be able to reach.  Think about it.  A lot of people like to go to car lots after it is closed to avoid the high pressure salespeople.  Why?  They just want to browse and discuss among themselves without the sales pitch.  Imagine the possibilities now in reaching those after-hours people…

  • Text in for more information about a certain vehicle
  • Contest to win a year lease on a luxury vehicle
  • Allowing them to text in to get a call back from a salesperson later about a specific vehicle
  • Maybe have an after-hours “text” support to answer financing questions
  • How about alerting certain customers about their vehicle being recalled or in need of manufacturer’s repairs?

You know what all these ideas generate?  A mobile list.  If you do any marketing at all you know that the opted-in list – whether it be direct mail, email or mobile – is the golden money-maker.

Another avenue for mobile marketing in the auto industry is in maintenance and repair.

  • Considering how much of a non-car person I am, I would LOVE to get a text reminding me to bring my vehicle in for an oil change.
  • How about a VIP club to get discounts on maintenance services or parts like wipers and tires?
  • Once you build a nice mobile list, you can let them know about new locations or services, monthly specials or discounts, and special events.
  • You can even hold raffles for free oil changes or tune-ups.

The possibilities are endless and only limited my your creativity!

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