With the holidays and retail sales season approaching I want to talk about using mobile for the flower and gift industry.  There are plenty of opportunities for mobile in this vertical.

The holidays offer a great way for businesses to grow a marketing list as virtually everyone will be out looking for Christmas gift ideas and deals.  And a whole lot of those people will be willing to part with their personal information – in this case, a mobile phone number – to obtain a special sale price, enter a drawing or be notified of further discounts.  That said, you don’t want to take advantage of this and turn people off with excessive or unrelated text messages.  After all,

they can unsubscribe after taking advantage of your deal.   So now that we got that disclaimer out of the way, let’s delve into uses for mobile.

There are an infinite number of incentives you can give to obtain names and numbers in the flower and gift industry.

  • Text reminders for holidays, birthdays and other special occasions so that people can remember to get gifts for friends or family.
  • Discounts for flower arrangements or gift baskets.
  • Alerts for specialized centerpieces or gifts.
  • Drawings for free arrangements, gifts, coupons, discounts or gift certificates.
  • Announcing new products

With incentives like these, it is easy to see how the gift industry can grow a mobile customer list to market to all year long (especially for holidays and for other customized, special occasions like anniversaries and birthdays).  With the iZigg Mobile Marketing platform, text reminders can easily be scheduled in advance, so you don’t miss marketing opportunities year-round.

Photo Credit: Edible Arrangements