Zig !t Marketing is excited to announce the addition of the iZigg mobile marketing platform to its list of services.  What makes iZigg a superior mobile marketing system is its highly recognizable shortcode – 90210.  What’s the big deal, you say?  Have you seen the other shortcodes companies use to get mobile subscribers?  They are digits with no brand recognition that is easily forgettable, and doubly easy to mix up and type incorrectly.  With iZigg, the only thing your subscriber will need to remember is YOUR brand name.

Why Mobile Marketing?

  • There are over 4.1 billion cell phones worldwide.
  • 52,083 texts are sent each second.
  • 86% of Americans own a cell phone.
  • 68.7 million are frequent text users.
  • 97% of all text messages are opened. 83% are opened within one hour.
  • Nearly half of all 18-34 year olds are interested in receiving alerts on their cell phones from places they frequent.

Now consider, according to a recent Epsilon study, that the average open rate for email marketing is around 22%.  While email marketing is hardly dead and the ability to check email via cell phone is growing, mobile marketing still outperforms it by huge numbers that a business owner, school administrator or medical office cannot ignore.

We’ll be talking about mobile A LOT in the coming months to help you see the great potential that the iZigg mobile marketing system can offer businesses, retail stores, schools, medical offices and the list goes on and on.  In the meantime, preview some of the videos at our dedicated iZigg site for more information – http://www.izigg.com – and if you would like to sit down and chat about it, feel free to give us a call at 419-318-9881.