So I think we all know about or have seen Facebook aggregating posts from auto-posting software such as Twitter and Networked Blogs, and even birthday greetings for a friend.  But now it seems like Facebook is aggregating statuses based on keyword.  I haven’t seen anything on it from Mashable or Tech Crunch or anywhere else online so thought I’d throw up some “evidence” quick.

Networked Blogs aggregated feed




Aggregated feed for the keyword “Jesus”









Aggregated feed for the keyword “Barack Obama”

Notice here that previous post with the same keyword are rolled up so that they are not seen unless clicked on.

What this could mean

Seems like another way for your post to either be overlooked or given more eyeball time – depending on if you’re the type of person who clicks on those “view more posts” links.  But my gut feeling is that most people don’t click on this which means that your posts will fall into the black hole.  The examples I found had both personal profile AND page posts.  This is bad news for businesses.  It’s bad enough that an automated post can be put in “File 13”, but now your manual post appear to be at jeopardy if it uses a common keyword.

The question begs to be asked who determines what those keywords are?  I guess we’ll have to wait on Facebook to clarify what is going on and how this will be helpful for people and businesses.