Last week we talked about using mobile marketing in the real estate industry.  This week I’d like to offer some ideas on how to increase opt-ins to build a digital database – in any industry – for mobile or email.

In this digital age, people are becoming more aware and concerned about the dissemination of their person information.  So when you ask for email or cell numbers there is a chance that they might decline.  Or in the case of email, consumers now employ “junk” emails to give retailers.  These are email address that they rarely checked if ever!  This brings us to the real meat of marketing in today’s world – content.  You must provide content worth the release of their contact information.  This is already the case for email and applies to mobile.

So let’s discuss some ways to increase opt-ins for your mobile database.

  1. The offer they can’t refuse.  You know the kind – something so good they would be crazy to pass it up.  An instant discount.  A bonus gift.  An additional ticket.
  2. Make them feel special by making it a VIP group where they can get exclusive deals, information, products or services that are not offered anywhere else to anyone else.
  3. You’re our next contestant so come on down!  Running a drawing, game or contest is a great way to give people an opportunity to participate and in doing so, opting in to your database.

Here are some other things to keep in mind to ensure you build a targeted mobile database list:

  • Keep your target market in mind.  Offer content, games, etc that will be attractive to them.  Giving away an iPad might be cool, but it might attract people who are not your ideal client.
  • Form strategic partnerships in marketing verticals.  For example, if you’re a Realtor maybe you can team up with a local lawn service or security system provider to offer new homebuyers discounts.
  • Actually market your offer, etc.  I know you think your deal is the next viral sensation, but just putting it up on your website is not enough.  Post it to Facebook, hang signs in your store, send it in you newsletter (digital or not), have your cashiers ask for it.  Whatever you do, just don’t sit on it and wonder why mobile doesn’t work.
  • Consider posting a follow-up to contests of drawings to showcase the winner or even a snapshot of exclusive content.  This will help reinforce the idea that it is legit or valuable so people will be more apt to participate next time.

With a well thought out strategy that keeps the audience and ideal client in mind, one can grow a good digital database for future targeted marketing that generates results.