The economy stinks right now.  I know.  That’s a pretty depressing way to start a blog post.  But the truth is that the rebound is taking its time to get here.  No matter what the politicians, analysts and talking heads on TV says, we know the truth.  Times are still tough and promise to be that way for awhile.  That said, people are looking for discounts, coupons and other deals to help them save money like never before.  Enter SMS marketing.  SMS or text messaging offers an unprecedented way for retailers, restaurants and other stores to reach out to the consumer with relevant marketing that will be readily accepted and used.

According to research by InsightExpress, 72% of consumers are open to receiving coupons via text – 27% of those willing to opt-in right in the store to receive them.

This is a huge untapped market.  Mobile Marketer’s Senior Editor, Giselle Tsirulnik, states in a recent article that “Research Hipcricket conducted last year shows that 83 percent of consumers are still waiting for a favorite, trusted brand to market to them via their mobile phone.”  So what are you waiting for?  Your customers are sending and receiving texts, looking for deals, and waiting for mobile coupons from you.

Of course there is a right way to go about mobile marketing – the main one being the opt-in.  You don’t want to deceive people into handing over their cell numbers.  We’ll discuss the opt-in, creative ways to get people to opt-in and other do’s and dont’s of mobile marketing later.  The holidays are fast approaching and you want to have a mobile campaign developed and ready to go.  If you have questions or would like to brainstorm on some mobile campaigns, give me a call at 419-318-9881.