We can all come up with some clever uses for mobile technology when it comes to retail and other industries selling product or with a physical location.  Today I’d like to talk about ways the every day business professional can use mobile to his or her advantage.

The most obvious way for business professional to use mobile is as a digital business card.  For this mobile marketing spotlight I’m going to reference the iZigg mobile marketing platform as I’m more familiar with how it works and a reseller.

The benefits of a digital business card are 4-fold with the iZigg system

  • It’s green!  No paper to print or ship (and consequently get lost in someone’s office…if it even gets there).  Rolodexes are hanging on to relevancy via a thread.  Business cards are already being scanned, digitized and stored in electronic rolodexes that can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Your mobile business card can hold more data, linking the carrier to a mobile landing page that allows them to connect with you on social networks or even send your contact information to their email client.
  • You collect cell numbers for everyone that request your digital card.  You’ll see why this is particularly important in the next point.
  • The iZigg platform now allows you to send up to 250 push messages to your contacts per month.  Imagine being able to touch base quickly with everyone you networked with and let them know you were glad to have met them and hope to connect with them further.

Now for some of you, you still have no idea what I’m talking about when I say a digital business card, so let me give you an example.  Simply text “Zigitmarketing” (no quotes) to 90210 to get a text message with my contact info.  If you have a data plan you can take advantage of the bonus features by clicking on the URL to be able to email, call or connect with me on a social network, or download my contact information at the click of a button.

If you’re a power networker or simply want to impress your clients and colleagues while making it easy to touch base with them with a quick text, a digital business card may be for you.

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