Today, I’m going to get on my mobile media soap box, but first let me tell you what triggered it.

I’m on Facebook a lot, as you might imagine, and I see several businesses relying on Facebook to generate instantaneous traffic to their storefront or venue.  For example, I’ve seen restaurants/bars post that xyz band will be on the stage in one hour.  While I love Facebook and the other social networks when it comes to social engagement, these kind of post would be best served in a mobile environment.

O.k. So I know what you’re thinking.  Facebook can be accessed on your mobile phone.  Sure, I get it.  But All Facebook posted an article awhile back that should make a business pause and take notice.  Quite simply, just because you post doesn’t mean that all your fans will see it, and having more fans doesn’t necessarily mean that more will see it.

Now before you delete your Facebook page, understand that the article does list some ways to increase the post views and interaction on your business page.  You won’t find me dissing the need for businesses to be on Facebook because they absolutely should be.  What I want to point out is that if you’re posting for instant, foot-in-the-door results Facebook is not the ultimate platform. The mobile phone is.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, text marketing is phone, app and carrier independent and goes with your client everywhere.  Text marketing is the only true form of digital, mobile communication.

With the iZigg mobile marketing platform you get the best of both worlds – a text to mobile phones AND a post to Facebook and/or Twitter if you choose.  That way you cover both bases and the chance of someone missing your band or time-sensitive special is decreased dramatically.

This is why as businesses finally embrace social media, they should also be thinking mobile marketing.  A simply designed mobile friendly website and a text/SMS campaign can be all that’s needed to make a social company a mobile company that communicates value to their customers via the most valuable 4″ of marketing real estate on the planet – the mobile phone.